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Symposium Dürnstein

The annual Symposium Dürnstein is an international exchange of ideas at the interface of philosophy, religion and politics. Speakers and participants from different scientific disciplines and fields of interest can set impulses and create something new in this free thinking space of the Symposium Dürnstein.

Who for: Fellow thinkers, the curious, those hungry for knowledge, those who enjoy discussion.


Portrait Bettina Pilsel
Mag. Bettina Pilsel
Symposium Dürnstein, Awards

Best of Calls

The funded projects of a call are presented with their current status in a relaxed setting among like-minded people. Ideas are exchanged, contacts are made and discussions are held on a specific topic with keynote speakers.

The event serves to expand networks, generate new ideas and exchange ideas within the community.

Who for: Researchers of funded projects.

Portrait Mario Enzenberger
Mag. Mario Enzenberger
Authorized Manager, Calls, Controlling
Portrait Elisabeth Schuster
Elisabeth Schuster
Calls, Endowed Professorships


Best of Life Science Call 2016

good mood
from left.: Franz Delapina, Mario Enzenberger and Sigrid Rulitz
Sobha Karuthedom George
Moderator Peter Illetschko in conversation
Franz Delapina opens the event

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Moderator Peter Illetschko leads through the event
Monika Schmoll
Kathrin Rychli presents
Monika Schmoll explains
Peter Allacher and team present a project
interested listeners
Young scientists
Christoph Schüller
The young science community
Christian Schober in conversation
Peter Allacher in conversation
Günter Allmaier
Christian Schober presents
Stefan Nehrer

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Best of Science Call 2017

Award winners

Best of Life Science Call und FTI Digitalisierung 2017

Good mood at the meeting of the scientists
v.l.: Dieter Pahr, Stefanie Stelzer, Andreas Reisinger
Good conversations at the community meeting
Martin Brandl, Albert Treytl and Gerald Steiner
Ines Méhu-Blantar, Mario Enzenberger, Franz Delapina, Barbara Schwarz
Ruth Hutsteiner moderates
Barbara Schwarz, Managing Director

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The scientific community listens attentively
Andreas Reisinger
Alexander Kirschner
Ruth Hutsteiner
Hans Salzer
Claudia Gundacker
Oliver Langer
Stefanie Stelzer, Andreas Reisinger, Dieter Pahr
Martin Brandl
Good conversations between young scientists
The NÖ Forschungs- und Bildungsges.m.b.H. (NFB) invited to the exchange
Tina Gruber-Mücke
Albert Treytl
Albert Treytl inspires with his lecture
Dieter Pahr
Dieter Pahr
Stefanie Stelzer
Gerald Steiner
Djordje Slijepcevic
Ines Méhu-Blantar, Ruth Hutsteiner, Gerald Steiner
Ines Méhu-Blantar
Gerald Steiner

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